Status Update

6 05 2009

I got this email today, and to my surprise, they have decided to forgive me for not breaking any rules. They have reinstated my account, but with an ever present threat of future disciplinary action. What a crock!  The message is as follows:



Facebook has limits in place to prevent behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. These limits restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the specific rates that have been deemed abusive.

Your account was disabled because you exceeded Facebook’s limits on multiple occasions when writing on Walls, despite having been warned to slow down.

However, after reviewing your situation, we have reactivated your account, and you should now be able to log in. Please be aware that if your account is disabled again, we will not be able to reactivate it. Once logged in, please slow down the rate at which you write on Walls. We appreciate your cooperation going forward.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations


While I’m happy about having my account back, I’m still angry about the way they are continuing to treat their users. They are obviously not going to change their behavior until we, as users, demand better treatment. If they can’t treat us any better, than we should not be driving business to their site. Twitter, Linkdin, Myspace and many others are waiting for the opportunity to treat us in a manner that is not only far superior to that of Facebook, but not disrespectful or insulting. The address that finally responded was:

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. I’m more than happy to help.